Open source IOT platforms

Does anyone know of any platforms that can be installed on a raspberry pi to turn it into an IOT server? Preferably database driven

Looking to create a pi-top[4] server that will have multiple IOT microcontrollers connected to it submitting data and have a custom front end, probably use flask, to display the info how I like.

I can’t find any open source ones available and the 2 platforms I have found either requires you to pay for an annual licence or have to pay a consulting fee prior to even seeing the platform.

If there is no out of the box solution then maybe we could pool our resources and put a list of software together and come up with a pi-topOS IOT edition?

@CAProjects how about an MQQT server like mosquito?

That’s something I have thought about, also thinking on matlab support too for some part of and maybe using flask or something for UI web interphase.

If I get anywhere with this will put a repo together and document it and raise issues etc. Would be nice to have an open source IOT server for people to use :slight_smile:

Hope this helps:

Have thought of using this at one point but got distracted with other projects. I do see a lot of the platforms are pushing users towards cloud based iot solutions. From what I know this can be implemented locally.

I looked at blynk, issue I had with it was this

I have also tried the self hosting and its rather out of date, the available boards/devices are out of date, also they dont support newer boards and everything has to be setup via a smartphone. no web interface to set up projects in, just admin stuff