Opening pi-top to you!

As part of our ongoing effort to support users with lofty ambitions - we’re looking at you power users! - we’re interested in hearing about what developments we can focus on to maximise value to the amazing projects that people want to do with a pi-top. :rocket::star:

In particular, we’ve realised that tracking the state of the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO and system-level configuration can be challenging (or, in some cases, impossible). This is made even more complicated when pi-top features are added on top of those provided by the raw Raspberry Pi.

We want to tackle this problem in a way that helps:

  • Support initial development and debugging of user projects,
  • Improve ease of presenting steps taken (e.g. for generating reports, creating Jupyter notebooks, etc.),
  • Support multiple programs running in multiple languages at once, with the ability to identify when something else on the system has changed the configuration,
  • Support ease of code deployment across different operating systems,
  • Improve the readability of documentation by having a singular entry point for interfacing with the most common components of the device.

If you’ve been using our product and would like to be involved in directing our efforts to improve usability, we would love to hear from you! What challenges are you having with using a pi-top device?

We’re considering lots of options for nurturing this sort of input from the community - if you are interested in participating, but don’t yet have any thoughts on this, please still register your interest below so that we can notify you as we develop ways to support feedback and open development!

Looking forward to working with you all!

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Interest registered! :wink:

Wondered whether it might be worth getting involved in this: ?