Parts. I still can't buy a Foundation Plate, right?

I have one Pi-Top 4 with the original robot kit from Kickstarter, and another with only the Inventor’s Kit. The second Pi-Top 4 would be much more useful to me with the plate. They actually seem port-deprived without it. The plate adds a large number of very useful ports with standard connectors that a person can actually order, unlike the plate itself. The Pi-Top [4] is a weird beast, but you did solve the problems kids trying to build the [3], with the little screws, etc.

I just received a couple of [3] systems from eBay. When you ship me the two I have on order from you, I’ll be drowning in [3]s and thinking about hosting some online troubleshooting/education stuff. I’ll be able to review the CM-4 to Pi 3B adapter and the Zero 2W to Pi 3B adapter as well at that point.

My (frustrated, but polite) best,