PCB designing Software

I am wondering if anyone has some suggestions on PCB design software that i can use to design some custom PCBs for sensors and possibly an interface board for the Xavier NX to connect to the foundation plate.

Not sure if i have knowledge to do so but i am always willing to give it a go and learn :slight_smile: if it can run on Linux (converted my Razer Blade laptop to Ubuntu for the time being) it would be even better but not a requirement.

I know i can use Fritzing but it does not have things for connector parts and sourcing them can be a little difficult or non existent. While Fritzing is nice for wiring/block diagrams it does lack on component support outside breakout boards for the ones that have been made for it

@Supernovali has been using EasyEDA which has a web interface that’s quite nice as it’s super easy to share with others. Just checked and it can also be installed on Linux. Maybe you can chat with him about using that? I’m sure he’d be happy to get you going in the right direction

Yes, I recommend either KiCAD or easyEda. There are pros and cons to both. KiCAD is more powerful, but EasyEDA is simple. KiCAD also has more import/export options, and doesnt contain proprietary code like an easyeda project. It’s a Json file, but the export to Gerber has limited success with uploading to other services other than JLCPCB.

For starters, go with EasyEDA and use JLCPCB, for finer tolerances and more in depth projects that need specific functions such as more Design Rule Checking parameters, go with kiCAD

If you need a hand, let me know. Life has just dumped on me, but if you need any tips or pointers, shoot me a pm

Edit: forgot to mention that the download is just an optimized web container for easy offline support of your projects. So if you have tour projects downloaded, you can carry your laptop around and work on it. However, it’s not compatible with ARM architectures yet. So if you work on it with the pi-top, its gotta be through the browser and it’s a bit slow. But it still works haha


Take care, hang in there!

If you are making custom PCBs for sensors and an interface board for the Xavier NX then make sure you use the proper source code. If you want the firmware source code of PCBs then you can visit industrial electronics repair.

Choosing which PCB design software to use is dependent upon the type of technologies you are using. I’ve reviewed several of the most common design software packages.