Pi 4 B with Pi-Top [3] hardware

Greetings! Has anyone actually gotten this to work? It flashes the green LED and looks like it’s booting, but didn’t actually boot for me with a working Pi 4B 8GB, and it seems to be that connecting the cooler/bridge to the GPIO header is the problem. A LOT changed with the new SOC in the Pi 4, so I’m not shocked. I dropped back to a Pi 3B+ and it boots and runs the OS fine. I don’t have the mechanical issues because I’m building a Pi-Top powered breadboard with the proto-board and a proto+. I took the boards and rails out of the case. I’m just sad that it didn’t work. But, really, for a proto-board work? It doesn’t need a Pi 4. If you think of anything I might be missing, ideas are welcome. I’ll give the Pi 4 another shot tomorrow. It seems close to working.

There’s no reason why it shouldn’t work - do you have the GPIO Cooling Bridge connected properly from pi to hub? One pin on there is required for detection of the raspberry pi - I posted about this pin here

Are you sure the Pi didn’t boot? I’m wondering if it’s just an issue with the display not working - maybe try to SSH into the Pi

Also, might be useful to send some photots of your setup again - I can more easily see what’s going on that way

Oops, I was wrong. I knew I had to retest today. My setup boots. Pi 4B with Pi-Top [3] hub and bridge boards. For some reason, I don’t get HDMI video out of the Pi 4, but I don’t need it. I do get HDMI video out of the Pi 3B+ in this configuration. I was able to do that because I removed the HDMI connector from the hub board (required to attach the Pi 4. There’s absolutely no reason to need a Pi 4 here. I’ve just switched totally to Pi 4s for everything. After a long search, I found Pi 3B+ that I could order at the Best Buy retail chain here in the states. Ebay prices are high and the usual Pi suppliers are out of stock. I ordered a couple of the 3B+s because it’ll just be easier. Because of the good work by the Pi Foundation, I was able to just pull the SD card out of the Pi 4 and put it in the Pi 3. 64-bit. Everytime I play with Pi-Top hardware, I get a bit frustrated trying to do something that was never intended, but I notice the cleverness and solid engineering. I intend to get a piece of wood and mount the whole Pi-Top [3] guts, including the rails to this strip of wood. I think it will be a nice rig. I’ll be able to use hats, because the basic proto board enables that, and I’ll have the proto-plus, too.