Pi-top[1] and Raspian Wheezy

Hello forum,

I got a preconfigured Raspian Wheezy Image from one of our suppliers with lots of special apps in it.
As it is preconfigured I cant upgrade and have to go with Wheezy…

I want to use this image with a pi-top[1] - It basicly works but of course all pt-devices are missing.

Googling around I found https://libraries.io/github/pi-top/Device-Management but all the old github repos are dead.

So how can I install the pt-devices (esp. the battery) on such an old image ?

Please help - thank you !

Hi @tuzla, I’ll have to check with the team on this one as I’m not sure of the answer - will get back to you when I know!

Out of interest, what is the use-case of the special apps pre-installed?

Hi duwudi, thank you for your efforts - I really hope you and the team will find a way.

The image we are talking about is some kind of dealer management system for oil and gas distributors. It has integrated wlan accespoint functionality and lots of other goodies.