Pi-top [1] Battery problems


Just bought a (new in box, unused) pi top one. I’ve put a Rpi3 in it, downloaded Sirius and updated it, added the pitop1 firmware fix and there’s no new updates to install so I think it’s as up to date as it can be.

The battery indicator sometimes shows and sometimes it doesn’t. Also, it’s also stuck at 0%.
The connections seem pretty secure. Anything else obvious I should check on this?

I guess it could be a dud battery (from reading about the topic on the net). If so, how much is a replacement - I guess as it’s an end of life product that they aren’t being replaced now?

Thanks for any comments

Steve in London.

Hi @sierraromeo.
Unfortunately, you’re right and it does sound like it’s a problem with the battery. We do have spare batteries we can send. I’ll get in contact by email.

Please remember that you must show a receipt to get the battery for free under warranty and it must have been purchased from one of our official resellers. Sales through eBay/Facebook Marketplace aren’t covered under warranty I’m afraid.

If you don’t think you’re covered under warranty, then a replacement battery costs 45USD plus shipping.

Speak to you soon!

Hey, thanks for the quick reply. I bought it from the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge, UK. So I don’t think it’s covered. I’m also not going to bother them as they are a charity so I’m not going back to demand my money back! :smiley: How much would shipping to the UK be on a battery? Just wondering whether I’ll even bother replacing it and instead just keep it as a semi-portable Pi.


I know this thread is a year old. Do you still have batteries available?
I just bought a new Pi-Top from sparkfun.com, is it covered under warranty?
The battery icon shows 87% but it doesn’t charge and will not run from the battery.
I emailed support a week ago but haven’t received a reply?

Hi @SmithTech. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. We no longer offer replacement parts for the pi-top [1] anymore except for ones that are under warranty. If you would like to know if you have warranty for your pi-top then send us some proof of purchase to the reply I emailed earlier and I can tell you what we can do for you.