Pi-Top 1 battery reapir?

I have a Pi-Top 1 with a failed battery. Support has made me the generous offer (at a reasonable cost) of a replacement but the catch is that I do not (will not) have a Paypal account (or anyone else’s who keep my CC info on file) and that appears to be the only way to transfer payment.

Is it possible (don’t care if its practical or not) to repair the original battery pack? Anyone had any success doing it?

Ron VE8RT Yellowknife, NT, Canada

Sorry that should have read repair. I have an unwell cat demanding attention, it get hard to focus on typing :slight_smile:

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My son took care of the pay-pal issue, so i should have a replacement on its way soon. Once the replacement arrives I’ll be more motivated (and zero risk) to disassemble the failed battery pack to explore battery options.

Mine pi-top[1] had unbalanced cell voltage issue


How did you re-balance the cells? I have a charger / balancer but didn’t try to connect it to the battery connection.

Lithum batt must handle with absolute care.
There is a connector between the battery and power management module, the displacement of positive and negative pole is only around 1 mm, without insulator.

As the educational nature of Pi-top, young peoples are reading.
It would be dangerous if young student also do DIY repair of Li batt.
Let’s QSY somewhere else to talk about it.


I’d be interested in hearing about this as well.

I haven’t made any progress lately. I’ve been getting phone calls from the brokerage firm that DHL uses asking me to go online and fill out forms. I’d like to self clear and I’m not happy about dealing with a brokerage firm over a $100US order as I suspect the brokerage fees are going to be an unpleasant surprise.

Another list participant gave me some advice on how to remove the lower panel to get access to the battery and suggested that re-balancing the battery cells may fix the problem. As the replacement
battery pack had been ordered the plan is to attempt to do that with the removed battery pack and then re-use it on something else. If I don’t forget I’ll post the results to the forum.