Pi-top[1] power-off problem

Hello .

I have a brand new pi-top[1] + raspi3.
First of all I’ve assembled the stuff and downloaded latest pi-top-os.
I could boot the machine and at first everything seems to be ok and very cool…

…but then - since shutting down the pi-top for the very first time - I have a very strange problem !

The Display is very very dark now ! Almost not readable !

If I boot into the the pi-top-os and try to adjust the brightness something very strange happens:

For a very short time I can see how the Display gets lighter and then the pi-top shuts down and powers off… If I now power on the pi-top again the display is dark again.

I can do whatever I want - trying to adjust the screen brighness always results in a poweroff/shutdown.

Of course I’ve tried the usual suspects like redownloading, using another sd-card, reconecting cables, looking for faulty cables and so on… doesnt help.

I’m really frustrated !
Any idea what coold be wrong ???

Hi @tuzla, this is a very strange problem indeed! When you try to increase the brightness does the power cut off immediately or does the pi-top perform a proper soft shutdown?

Hi duwudi,

the pi-top performs a proper soft shutdown.

However - as it seems the hub was in a faulty state (however this happened).
Resetting the hub via pin 5/6 on j601 solved the problem…

Thank you anyway :slight_smile:

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