Pi-Top[3] boots to a grey screen

When I try to boot my Pi Top, I get a grey screen with a cursor.
I can move the cursor around but nothing else.

I think that this indicates a problem on my SD card?

Is there any solution to this other than reformatting the card and reinstalling the PiTop OS?

If the best solution is to re-install the OS does anyone know where I can download a suitable disk image?

Hi @Paulmb79
It does sound like your OS is corrupted. Do you remember if it was pi-top Sirius or Polaris?

Unfortunately, it does sound like you will need to reformat the OS. You can download the OS from the website for free, here.

If you need help with formatting the OS, then you can find the instructions, here.

Do let me know if you need any other help or get stuck along the way.

Thanks for the response, much appreciated.

I think the original OS was Polaris, but this does not appear to be available on the Pi Top site anymore.

I did try a clean installation of Sirius on a new SD card, but that yielded the same result. I will try again and see if I get anywhere.