Pi-Top 3 (Green Laptop) keyboard / mouse not working on first boot

Hello there,

I have a new Pi-Top 3 that I’m just getting around to playing with. I’ve opened it up out of the box and on first boot it comes to a screen that says “Are you ready to be a maker?” with a button that says yes but my trackpad isn’t working and neither is my keyboard… I’ve tried using tab to get to the button and pressing enter but no joy. I’ve also tried connecting an external mouse but also no joy.
It must be something simple. Any help greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

I stand corrected. It’s a Pi-Top v2. I just went and checked my original order. Apologies.
I’m unsure if that changes anything. Thank you again.

Wich Pi do you have installed? Same issue was reported by another user who is trying to use a CM4 in his Pi-top [3]

It’s a Pi 3 B+

What is a CM4?

It’s strange… The power button on the keyboard works fine for powering on or off but none of the other keys work… Same is true for the trackpad. I think it’s possible I got a dud.

A CM4 is Compute Module 4 - https://www.raspberrypi.com/products/compute-module-4/?variant=raspberry-pi-cm4001000

Sorry, I’ve received my Pi-Top last week and I’m not familiar with it yet. Make sure your USB connectors are seated properly.
Connect a mouse to the onboard USB connector to check if USB is working at all.

I tried using the usb ports on back, no joy… I slid the keyboard back and it exposed a USB port on the board that slides into the Pi 3B+ but when I plugged a mouse into that, it also did not work…
Should I be using an older Pi 3?

Sounds like a problem with your Pi3B+ as none of the USB ports is working!
Remove it from the Pi-Top, test it on it"s own to see what’s the issue. Use Raspberry Pi Bullseye OS for your test, connect keyboard, mouse and monitor to it and see if that works.
If not -> issue with Pi3B+. If it works standalone then there is an issue with your Pi-Top.

So I pulled the Pi 3B+ from the laptop and it works fine on it’s own… I installed an older Pi 3 and it worked first time. Almost seems like an incompatibility with the Pi 3B+