Pi-Top 3 trackpad driver

I’ve installed various versions of the Pi-Top 3 OS, and none of them provide a proper driver for the Pi-Top’s trackpad. In all cases, this trackpad is treated as a generic mouse. That wouldn’t be a problem, but a generic mouse activates the tap-to-click “feature” by default. Tap-to-click makes it so your trackpad interprets every brief touch as a full click, causing windows to mysteriously jump to the front even when your wrist just glances against the trackpad. I find tap-to-click so terrible that I would rather disable the trackpad entirely. Ideally, though, I’d be able to disable tap-to-click by installing a proper driver. Has anyone done this? And if so, how?

I’m using latest Bullseye OS on my Pi Top [3] with no touchpad issues at all.

Grab another uSD and test it without risk.

Sorry, never used the official Pi Top OS at all.