Pi-top 3's with no Pi on eBay. Good deal. I got some

$40.00 USD. I got two. They seem never used. Very clean. One needed the sliders for the keyboard lubricated. Pretty much new in the box, with the Inventor’s Kit (for inventors with modest ambition) in the metal case.
I’m happy!
Pi-Top 3 units sans pi, $40.00 USD eBay (link)


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Wow, these are being sold for $5 cheaper than pi-top sold them for and you get it within a week? They had over 400 of them too. Now I feel ripped off having paid more and to wait almost 4 months and then not receiving the speaker with my order.

I’m sure the pi-top folks didn’t know about this. It’s some tech-recycler in the Los Angeles area. I communicated with them, and they were responsive. I was asking about addtional parts. Nope. All they have left is the laptops with no pi.

I have received my order from the pi-top sale. I don’t see any differences from what I got via eBay. They’re new in the box and people should grab them. When CM4s are available again, there’s a Waveshare CM4 carrier/adapter board that would get Pi 4 performance with a perfect mechanical fit. I have the Pi Zero adapter from Waveshare and it works perfectly. My idea was to have a super-low-power laptop, that can run for a good while, for blackouts.

i got two of them as well. the first has my raspberry pi 3 in it, and i got a 2 GB Le Potato for $55 on eBay (they have the RPi 3.0 form-factor and work okay with twice the memory and half the power consumption – also, they’re easier to get than any Raspberry Pi right now)

The Le Potato looks interesting if interested look here

The video discussing differences between the RPi 3 & AML-S905X-CC Le Potato, rather interesting. Although I don’t think I will get any at this time.

just bought one of these from this vendor, but they are calling them Pi-Top 2.0, not 3.0
was planning to pit a pi4 in it but I see it wont work, I do have a Tinkerboard doing nothing though… too bad the Pi-Top OS doesnt work on Tinkerboard