Pi-Top [4] Battery Dead & Not Charging

All worked fine for several weeks (almost always plugged) of experimenting with sensors. I loaded the ROS version. Alex booted and completed updates while plugged in. After reboot, I left him sit for several hours. During that time Alex went into eternal sleep. Display was blank and when I PON, it indicates dead batter, right arrow, lightning bolt. Using Zero-Up: bat: bq28Z610, sw:V5-4, hw: 8-2-2, sn: 200010D6, part Name: 0X0607, Part Num: 0X0001.

Hi @JFD50,

I believe I’m currently trying to solve your issue on the support page but for anyone else with this issue: Check to see if you receive an orange LED light on the pi-top and a battery image icon on the mini screen after you’ve connected your power supply. If you don’t see either of these then the problem is with the power supply. If you are using the pi-top power supply then you should also be able to see a blue LED light on it if it is receiving power.

Otherwise, the battery may be dead and if it is under the warranty period then we can get a replacement sent out.

i believe my battery is dead. my orange light comes on andthe mini display shows 0% when plugged in to the official pi-top 4 power supply with the blue light. How do I proceed to get a replacement battery?

Thank you. We are making progress. The battery does seem to be ok. I got the connector into a position where it charged the battery to 100%. Today, I unplugged the PSU and will let it sit for five or six hours then check the charge status. It it remains at 100%, I will PON and see how long the battery holds.

Will report back later.

We found that either the Pi-Top connector or the PSU connector is likely intermittent. I got mine to charge by allowing the PSU cord to hang downward. Riz has been most helpful and patient as we try to determine the actual cause without just swapping things around.

Hi @redstarw, welcome to the Forum!

Contact us at support here on our website. Take a photo of the issue showing the LEDs turn on and the miniscreen display. Your issue may be a dead battery in which case we usually get the pi-top returned (if the pi-top is within the warranty period) and review it ourselves. We can either replace the battery or send back a replacement.

I hope that’s all clear and I’ll be waiting for your email.

My PiTOP battery won’t charge. Where can I buy a replacement battery ? I also have the Robotics Kit.
It appears the cell voltage is not monitored and the pitop will discharge the battery past 3.7v per cell.

Judging by other thread here it looks as if the battery cannot be replaced locally, which is an annoyance.

I can’t find any support material to resolve this. My device did not get past 20% or so recently and now will not start. I’ve removed the Pi 4 from the Pi-Top and that works fine, it’s just the Pi-Top base unit which is causing the issues.

Any advice gratefully appreciated.


I’m having the same issue. One cell has discharged below the safety threshold, and I cannot find a source for a new pack. I contacted support about ordering a new one, and that conversation stalled a month ago. I’m willing to pay for a brand new pack, as I’m out of warranty. I’m probably going to just have to rebuild the pack and hope the pack controller is willing to work with fresh batteries. I really miss my PT4 working, but I’ve been hesitant to buy another to replace it because if this is the level of support to expect, and it’s going to just die on me if i get busy and leave it off on a shelf for a month, that’s just throwing money away. If there is a place i can order spare batteries, or you can connect me to your provider for them, that’d be outstanding and I’ll probably be buying several more units for projects.

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Hi Michael, did you resolve your battery problem?
I contacted support about 2 weeks ago about getting spare batteries but had no reply.

Minimal response and reacting to end user concerns appears to be the norm with this company. I’ve been neglected for the best part of year since my batteries caved in, the response I had at the time was that I was still in warranty and that replacements with instructions would be dispatched. To date, nothing.

Not great.

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Sad to hear that, I use my pi-top with touchscreen and keyboard pretty much every day, well out of warranty now. I would happily buy an approved replacement battery pack from anywhere if only they would respond with some info.

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