Pi-top [4] does not charge off official raspberry pi power adapter


I recently bought a Pi-top [4]. Connected it to an unofficial 15.3W adapter, and could not boot. Switched to an Apple 85W adapter, and the pi-top booted and charged fine.

However, the apple adapter is needed elsewhere, so I got an official Raspberry power adapter. The result is the same, the pi-top does not charge.

I’ve installed a raspberry pi 4 8GB in the pi-top, and everything except powering from a 15.3w adapter works as expected.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi Joh,
Unfortunately, the Raspberry Pi Charger isn’t powerful enough to power the pi-top. We wrote a knowledge base article explaining why, here.

Hi, and thanks for getting back to me. A new power adapter it is, then :slight_smile: