Pi-top[4] download and flash of OS is failing

I had an SD card get corrupted when a student shutdon the Pi-top during program updates. So I attempted to reload the OS. When I download the updated OS and use the Etcher flash, I get a “Flash Failed”.

I have tried:

  1. re download and flash again,
  2. New SD card
  3. #1 again.

All with the same results.

I even tried to just copy the image file from the zip to the SD card. The copy fails at 50%. I tried that twice also.

Please help.

I want to donate all my Pi Top Ceed(green monitor one)and all my sensors,wires,all the stuff that goes with it to a school teaching kids about Arduino,RPI3+ but don’t know one can you help me? asulliv3554@aol.com. I’m in Coram,NY want it close to me because of shipping cost