Pi-top 4 project demo

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Hope everyone is doing alright.
Thought of posting a video and a couple of pics with the project I build using the pi-top 4 DIY.

Have also a video posted on IG if anyone is interested:

It’s been quite a journey so far, especially with figuring out how to make the pi-top harware work with the Buster OS. Hope you enjoy this little project, feel free to post any suggestion or improvements. Thanks😊

@admins - if this post is not allowed I do apologies in advance.


@Luis Woah! This is awesome! :+1: What are you using the RGB LEDs at the front for? Do you have a link to all the parts you’ve used? Would love to see an Instructables on this.

@wil has been working on a portable internet-based radio using the OLED and buttons for selecting a station, you guys should chat :grin:

Thanks😊. Will be working on a more detailed build now, for now this is the first iteration. Have a couple of ideas with this build😊.
The parts I used are the following:
RGB LEDS - Pimoroni Blinkt
Display - Waveshare 4.3 DSI touch screen display
RTL-SDR - Nooelec nesdr smart usb, this only does RF reception, if both transmition and receiption is needed the HackRF would be an option.
USB angled adapter - this is so I don’t hit the rtl sdr dongle by mistake and damage the RPI usb port.
The radio requires no internet connection this is similar to a frequency scanner. You can only listen on any given frequency from the sdr-rtl range.
For the display a CSI/DSI ribbon is needed, preferably longer than 50cm so this can be routed internally.
To fix the display to the pi-top, this requires a bit of drilling (not for the fainthearted :joy:). A couple of standoffs and that’s it.

I do want to expand on the OLED and buttons and somehow integrate more functions but have not had a chance to look into this. If anyone is willing to share some examples that would be very much appreciated.

What I would like to have is in the pi-top oled menu using the buttons to go to a submenu and add certain features there (i.e run the RGB leds code when a certain button is pressed).

For example as I did it in this video with my pwnagotchi build:

Thanks for your interest!
I hope to see more projects from this great community and exchange ideas😉

for the miniscreen and the buttons next to it, you can check the SDK documentation here

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@CAProjects, thanks so so much. Didn’t know this was released. From a first glance I had this is a good starting point. Do you know if it goes into details where the actual menu for the oled is located in the code? Thanks again for your support!

No documentation about the system menu but think that’s due for an overhaul