Pi-top[4] Robot Kit - Storage Cases?


I have a class set of Robot kits for my class, but the cardboard boxes are starting to wear down. I am trying to find some durable, plastic cases I can purchase that can help organize and store the entire kits. I was wondering if anyone has used any cases that work well for this.

If so, would you mind sharing what you have used?

Thanks so much!

@sraser Welcome to the forum.

Here’s a link to the case I use. It holds 2 full robotics kits (including to pi-top[4]s:

Hope that is helpful.

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This is exactly what I was looking for…thank you so much for this!

By the way, what kind of classes do you use these in? I teach ap csp and am looking for ways to use these more often. I currently use them for a few weeks after the ap test but would love to use them more often

Hi Sean,

Sorry, I’m not using these in a classroom. I have these two kits to allow my son and I to learn Python and build robots together. The case has been very handy to store them when we are programming video games. But knowing how well the case has worked for us, I figured the same case would work awesome for a classroom. :slight_smile: