Pi-top [4] will not power up again after shutdown. First time using the device

Unboxed a pi-top 4 complete, initial set-up and power charging fine, ran the firmware update successfully, and clicked around a bit then did a restart and a shutdown. pi-top powered down completely and I set it aside. A few hours later and the device is not responsive to power charge or attempting to turn over (no led indication). Oddly enough if I plug it into a laptop via hdmi connector then the fan starts in high mode. Same fan start if I use display dongle w/ OEM power cable. OLED is not responsive. Only ever plugged into 110v using OEM charger.

I did flash a new card and original card. No joy from device. With the warranty, I did not want to start poking around under the other case side.

Hopefully not a “please ship it back” problem, but ready to try anything.

Do you have a DIY kit or complete kit?

  1. What you can do is open the cover and check the top most ribbon cable on the top PCB and check id that is seated properly. If that is not connected properly then the pi-top will not power on at all.

  2. you can try pulling the raspberry pi out like this (don’t need to pull off the top PCB I done it for another issue I was diagnosing) and check if the raspberry pi will boot on its own, Note: this option will require pealing a void sticker off (located under the very top ribbon cable of the complete kit)

I would try number 1 first before number 2. If number 2 is the issue with the raspberry pi not booting then there is an issue with the pi itself. failing these you can contact support via email as well. Some times the response may be to send it back, the reason for a request to send it back is to diagnose the issue, it could be a manufacturing defect with a certain batch or could even be an isolated issue.

@tukar_eli sorry to hear about the trouble, that’s a tough one to diagnose and I wish I could take a look at the unit in person. Can you try this for me:

Plug the unit into power but don’t switch on, try holding the “O” button and “Up” button for about 8 seconds and it should display information about the pi-top [4]'s firmware.

If the [4]'s MCU has gone into a bad state it could need a hard reset. We added a reset button in later batches that can be pressed with a thin object (e.g. a needle or paper clip) in a small hole just below the pogo pads on the bottom of the pi-top [4] - can you check if you have that hole?

If not the only other way to reset it is by opening the unit up and unplugging the battery for a few seconds then connecting it again. Since this may not actually be the problem I can’t say whether it will be a waste of time or not so contacting support for a replacement might be the best and quickest option to get you up and running again. If you do decide to try replugging the battery and it doesn’t work I’ll make sure your warranty is retained so that you can still get the replacement!

It is a complete kit. I did confirm your number 1 and now trying the options provided by @duwudi. Thanks for the suggestions!

For the forum awareness, I ended up doing the hard disconnect of the battery and then rebooted the MCU. Everything is working fine now.

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Hi! I have not used my pi-top 4 for a while (almost 6 months). It was working before, but I could not turn it on. It seems to be dead unit now. I already tried the following:

  1. I checked the ribbon connector on the top, disconnect and connect a couple of times, still no luck.
  2. I tried to check the firmware info as you suggested, but the mini display shows nothing.
  3. I pulled out the pi4 and it seems to be able to powered up (judging by LEDs, I didn’t bother to see the boot results).
  4. I tried to poke the little hole on the back with a pin, assuming that is the reset button. I also tried to poke it while I tried power on with the power button. It didn’t help either.

What should I do at this point? Shall I tried to remove the warranty sticker on the screw and open the other half of Pi-Top and try to disconnect the battery?

Looking forward to you suggestions.