Pi-top CEED won't boot up

Hi there. I am a middle school teacher using CEEDs in my classroom. One of them is not booting up. The screen starts glowing, but I see no boot up on the screen. No scrolling code or anything. Just the glowing screen. Anyone have tips on how to fix this?

Sounds like your CEED is powering on but the pi isn’t launching the OS. Are the LEDs on the pi coming on? There should be a red and green one. Red will stay constant and green will blink.

One red LED is lit on the Pi. It is not blinking.

One green LED is lit on the pi-topCEED board on the far left. It is not blinking.

If there isn’t a green light blinking on the pi (next to the red light on the pi) it could be the SD card. You could try swapping the SD card from that CEED with one from another unit that you know works.

If swapping the SD card doesn’t work, it could also be the pi itself. You could try swapping the pi and the SD card with ones from a working unit.

I swapped SD card with one that I know is working, and that did not work.

Then I swapped out the Pi, and booted with the original SD card, and that did work.

So it looks like it is a problem with the Pi itself? Any idea what the problem could be and how the Pi can be fixed/repaired?

oh boy! another CEED just had the same issue, and I fixed it in the same way.
Are the CEEDs killing my Pis?

What are you doing with the CEEDs when this happens?

Building simple LED circuits with breadboards. I am using the pi-topPROTO board.

Any feedback, anyone…?

I’m just wondering if something in the process of plugging in the proto or wiring up the circuits could be damaging the pi. If a jumper wire is powered and accidentally makes contact somewhere it shouldn’t, that can cause a short or potentially damage the unit.

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