Pi-Top Data Scince Curriculumm

Does anyone in here know a number to get in touch with Pi-Top help desk/assistance. I have sent them several emails but know one has ever replied. I want to purchase the Pi-Top Data Science Curriculum for personal use. I have tried to purchase it online, but it ask for a license. I cannot find where where to purchase the license. Can someone tell me how I can purchase this. I want to talk to someone over the phone, but I cannot find a phone number. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can contact them to our have the curriculum for my own personal use?

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The best way to contact pi-top support is via our contact form at pi-top.com/contact, or by emailing support@pi-top.com. Please accept our apologies if we were not responsive in the past but we are responding to contact by these methods. We don’t have a support phone number you can call but if you contact us by email we can schedule a call to help resolve issues.

There are lots of free activities on our learning platform Further, including STEAM projects, component tutorials, a robotics course, and the Data Analysis and Data Visualization challenges.

These last two links focus on on Data Science whilst still bringing in the pi-top hardware electronics kit but they are just short ‘challenges’ not a full course - we don’t currently offer a full ‘Data Science Curriculum’.

Further’s premium offering includes standards-aligned curricula (eg CS Essentials: Level 2) for computer science at different ability levels, with many more STEAM projects, python principles lessons, beginner and advanced robotics, game development and more.

You can now buy a license to the premium content through the ‘paywall’ page on any of the premium courses. As well as the school license we offer an individual license option, although you do still need to activate this by creating a school and self-assigning the license seat.