Pi Top FHD touch screen won't work

I recently bought pi top 4 with FHD touch display and blue tooth keyboard.
most of them working fine however FHD display touch function won’t work
my OS is pitopOS and connection with usb c to usbc cable between pi top 4 and FHD display

@jinudean - First, welcome to the forum.

You mentioned using a USB-C to USB-C cable, however, just to be sure, are you using the pi-top Display cable that is the required USB-C to USB-C cable? A third-party USB-C cable will not work for the touch display to work properly.

This cable from pi-top is what is required.

Hope that helps.
– Tom

My display works as a display but the touch doesn’t work at all, am I missing something? also my keyboard is working great as well - just no touch on the display. Any help would be appreciated.



No help?? this is very disappointing.

First, @bkumanchik, welcome to the forum.

You will always find helpful input here, but it may not come immediately. This is not only a user frequented forum but the team from pi-top help when there’s time as well.

Are you using the pi-top display cable?
(See my post just before yours with the image of the green pi-top display cable.)

Thank you for sharing what cable you are using and your patience for people to respond when there’s time.

– Tom

Hi Brian,

I’d just like to add if you aren’t getting touch function whilst using our display cable, the issue could be with either your pi-top [4] or the FHD touchscreen. To find out which one is the problem, connect the FHD to another device using the FHD adaptor (we have a guide here for anyone who doesn’t know how to connect it). If there is no touch function then we know the FHD touchscreen is the issue.

Thanks, I’ll try that.

the touch screen works on my other Pi, but not connected to my Pi Top.

Ok then the pi-top [4] seems to be faulty. Send us an email at support@pi-top.com with some proof of purchase and we’ll help get a replacement sent to you as quick as we can.