Pi-top hardware with kali

Hey! Just wanted to see if anyone has setup kali and installed the software for running the oled and other built in hardware features built in to the pi-top? The tutorial for PiOS doesn’t work with kali.

Hey, I haven’t tried specifically with Kali, but can confirm that by following the below instructions this worked with Raspbian Buster.

Hope this helps,

I appreciate the link! I have used these steps but it doesn’t create the files correctly. I do not know the command differences between PiOS and kali. Just wonder how to correct the steps for kali?

Have you run the install as sudo?

I have. After running the scrip in order the last step (to access the pt- files) are not created and can’t be found. I’m not exactly sure why because they are both Debian based.

are you using 32bit or 64 bit?

just tried myself on the 32bit version and got this