Pi-top OS in virtual machine


Has anyone sucsessfully gotten pi-top OS on a virtual machine. I have tried gnome boxes, VirtualBox, and virt-manager. I have QEMU installed which from my understanding is needed for ARM architecture. And I can verify that raspbian OS works. I have never dealt with a .img os file. Any help would be appreciated.


Personally I do not see the point in making a pi-topOS work in a VM as you lose everything it has to offer using actual hardware even if it is running on a bare bone RPi.

Also another problem using a VM to develop stuff is that you can over estimate the capabilities of the RPi hardware and what ever you develop may run really slow or not at all.

Imo it’s best just to flash an SD card or a usb hard drive and run it on hardware instead

I should have stated this in my post. I am a teacher and I need to present the pitop screen as well as my face as a district non negotiable. If I could VM the pitop it would save me from having to log in as a student and present that way.

Ah now I understand, didn’t know that

Hi - if you are wanting to show the pi-top’s display, why don’t you use VNC?

So I have now tried the VNC on two different machines and get enough of a delay and freeze that I would like a better option. If there is a way to optimize the VNC I woudl be interested in that as well.

Your network will be the limiting factor. Ethernet, shorter cables/distance, etc. will all help. Unfortunately, aside from that, there’s not much! You might be able to reduce the image quality, but I wouldn’t know how to do that.

I guess I did not realize there were three IP adresses and I was using the wifi one. Now that I am using the usb it seems to be preforming much better. Thank you for your help pi-topMIKE


connect to the pi > go to settings and change picture quality


VNC using a direct network works well for most things, the exception is games like Minecraft. If you have issues with VNC, it’s worth also trying Microsoft remote desktop. With some applications you may have a problem where you can see the screen but mouse clicks are not working. In this case you can plug the mouse directly into the pi-top and drive the application that way.

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