Pi-Top OS software for arm64

Add arm64 support for pi-top software via Raspbian


This has been discussed a few times. There are a couple issues with 64bit Raspberry Pi OS

  • it’s still currently beta
  • only benefits is with 8GB boards at this time
  • currently not a lot of community support due to beta and slow progress
  • slow development on 64Bit

The raspberry pi and pi-top community do was a serious 64bit platform but this takes time to be adopted by all. Look at windows for example, people are still running 32bit even though hardware is all 64bit compatible now.

It just takes the OS developers to say no more 32 bit will be supported but problem is, a 64 bit OS (official) on raspberry is in early infancy. I think it would have been more productive if they focused raspberry pi OS (not previous raspbian) as a 64 bit OS but even it’s taken a few years to get Raspberry Pi OS to the state it is now for the RPi 4

In short, we all want it but for now it’s not worth the time developing for as a lot can and will change with the base OS