Pi-top Polaris desktop - missing the start panel

Hey everyone -
When I received my pi-top 3 and Polaris OS, and after exiting to the Desktop - I only had two icons on my screen (Trash and Dashboard) and was missing the entire “start menu” start panel. If this happened to you, then the easiest way it to get rid of your lxpanel setting like this:

$ sudo rm -r ~/.config/lxpanel
$ sudo reboot

I thought, since this is the first time I used this OS, that it was supposed to be this way! NOPE! I only saw this video: https://youtu.be/wWj95fZNwjQ?t=81 and noticed it has a full-fledge desktop! Whew!

You can mark this as complete - I just wanted to share with everyone in case you had the same issue!
Be well,
-Capt Jack

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