Pi-Top Sessions on 26 March 2021

This being my first Sessions, I enjoyed matching names to faces. I wish I could have stuck around for the general BS part of the session, but wife had my lunch on the table (upstairs) and she had scheduled a meeting that I couldn’t miss (blow-off) at 1330 (MDT). All the presentations were great, now I need to try to use all that I saw yesterday.

Big learning curve, you guys are so smart, but with my philosophy in life is to keep my brain active and try to learn something new every day. You guys will certainly do that - thank you.

So many projects - so little time.


Thank you @Korbendallaz!

Our e-ink group will have another of our own sessions tomorrow, 12PM MDT:

Feel free to stay after the presentation as we will have a discussion part too!

I totally agree! I really enjoyed the session too, the projects and discussions were great :+1: