pi-topCEED display never passed landing screen

I just got the pi-topCEED today. I plugged it in with my existing, working Pi 3B+. The display could show the landing screen with the Raspberry Pi logo and “Recovery Mode” option. Then it went blank, in jet black. That’s it.

I put the Pi-topOS in, it’s even worse. It never passed the color spectrum screen not even showed the Raspberry logo.

Then I tried another working Pi3B+, same thing.

Then I plugged my existing, working 29" 4K HDMI display to both the B+'s, they worked normally. They both loaded the desktop straight after the Raspberry logo landing screen.

I tried to use a different HDMI cable to connect the hub board and my B+, same problem.

At this point, I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the hub unless someone tells me that I’m in fact missing something there.

Please enlighten me.