pi-topCEED power supply

I have my pit-topCEED (mk1) working nicely with a raspberry pi 4. To add a speaker I have purchased a pirate audio mini speaker. This has a mini display to show music playing, etc. I’ve attached it to the proto board. The speaker works really nicely, but it appears there isn’t enough power to power the mini-screen. When I try to use the mini-screen the brightness on the CEED display goes to zero. Occasionally, when just using the speaker I get a low voltage warning on the desktop. So it seems that the supplied CEED power supply isn’t sufficient to drive both the CEED screen and the mini-display.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to how I might resolve that?

How much power does the mini display need and at what voltage?

pi-topCEED has an 18-watt (18V @ 1A) power supply and there is 3.5A available from the 5V DC-DC converter on the hub. The main display is powered directly from the 18V power supply, you could always try buying a larger 18V power supply to see if that fixes the issue.