Pi-TopOS on Pi-Top 4 Not Booting

I had a challenge where I accidentally deleted the panel settings losing the app launcher and all taskbar icons. I opted to reflash my SD card and reinstall pi-top OS but the OS does not load.
The mini-OLED screen powers up and then shows SD card is writing to the Pi-top. However, the OS does not load from here even after waiting for more than 30 minutes. The SD card status icon is blinking and the power button status led icon is also blinking but nothing is loading

Hi njaaganduati,

I know we already solved your issue by email but I’ll post this in case others have similar issues. Usually for this problem, it’s best to reflash again in case something went wrong the first time by following the recommended steps in our guide we made here.

Otherwise, the SD card might be corrupted and may need to be replaced but this shouldn’t happen after attempting to reflash.