piSound with pi-top [4]

We recently got asked on twitter if you can connect the piSound to the pi-top [4]. The short answer is yes!

Just like any other HAT, you’d have to connect the piSound to the pi-top [4] using the male-to-male header extender that comes in the spare parts baggy inside the pi-top [4] packaging. Next you’d have to go into /boot/config.txt and disable the GPIO configuration.

Word of warning, you’ll be disabling the OLED Screen here but it is reversible

Go into /boot/config.txt and comment out dtoverlay=spi-1cs
Restart the pi-top and then run the pisound installation.

I don’t have a pisound HAT so for all of you that do, please let us know your results!

Thanks for that info. I reviewed the PiSound docs and found this page. Wanted to post the link here to ask you kind folks - do you foresee any issue with this pin diagram for the PiSound being jacked into the top port on the Pi-Top4?

Any guidance on doing so or does it look like it’d be pretty much plug-and-play? I’m okay if I need to tinker with it a little I would just hate to break either of the devices. :slight_smile:


The main reason for changing the boot config files is to disable the spi port that’s transmitting to the mini OLED Screen. The only other communication in use is I2C and that can have multiple devices with different addresses. The pi-top [4] hub is at address 0x11.

You’ll definitely run into problems if you were to try and use the digital ports on the foundation plate at the same time.