PiTop Speaker v2 horrible cracking noise when PiTop OS Starts up

Hi there,

I got a pitop speaker v2 today and have it in my pitop 3 laptop.

Is the horrible cracking noise when the OS boots a known issue? If you look at the speaker cone you can see it jump quite a bit, can’t be good for the speaker.


Video of issue

Hi @firkinfedup, yeah this is a known issue - it’s impacting all of our products since raspberry pi OS moved to PulseAudio. We are actively working to try and get this fixed as soon as possible!

Hi Duwudi,

Thanks for the update, on the plus side, at least I haven’t done something stupid lol :smiley:


@firkinfedup true! Anyway we’ll try to get this fixed soon, it’s quite frustrating!

Same here. Hopefully the update being installed will fix it. Will let you know later.

Just installed latest version (Sirius build 781). No sound at boot time. Was then prompted to update the firmware to v5.4. Still no sound when booting. But the speaker does work once logged in.

Does this require a complete reinstall or can we update to this version through the terminal? I notice pi-topOS software updater isn’t detecting anything.

I’m not the expert, but if your current version is Sirius build 781, then I guess you have the latest version (open About pi-topOS from the Help menu).

Yup I have 781. This post was made referring to the same version, so I’m guessing nothing is different.