Pitop with Jetson boards (FrankenJetsonTop)

So I wondered if it’s at all possible to take the nVidia Jetson Xavier NX and make a FrankenJetsonTop kinda thing? Using

  • 40 pin ribbon cable
  • hdmi to mini hdmi male to female
  • male to female audio cable
  • male to female usb cable

Cannot use the power USB socket unless the pitop can output up to 19v @3A though that port, if so then can do some sort of Frankenstein usb-c to barrel jack

I know drivers will be an issue as the Jetson boards only runs Ubuntu 18.04 (wish they would just update to 20.04 already) 64bit but it is an arm build. But I do think it would be interesting Frankenstein project :slight_smile: and if I can get the SDK working then could be some use for others running the RPi version of Ubuntu :slight_smile: or even just 64 bit in general

I also have a 4GB Jetson Nano ordered too that I can do some testing with too

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