Potentiometer issues - Pi top 4


I am trying to use the potentiometers with my pi top 4/foundation plate. I can’t seem to get them to work properly. I am using the code found in the PMA Potentiometer tutorial. It is just supposed to print the position. All I get is 0.0 readouts. I get no error message and I have tried using all of the analog ports just to make sure. I also have a class of about 14 that were trying this and we all had the same results. My pi is up to date on software/firmware updates as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Here is the code I was using:

from pitop.pma import Potentiometer
from time import sleep

potentiometer = Potentiometer("A2")

while True:
    print (potentiometer.position)

I just tested the code inside the component tutorial (which is the same one you shared) and it seems to be working.

Are you able to run through the other component tutorials without issue? (Button tutorial, light sensor tutorial, etc.)

Sorry for the late response! We did get it to work finally. Just did another sudo apt update and reboot and it seemed to do the trick. T