Powering the FHD Display Adaptor

I purchased the FHD Display along with my pi-top 4, but barely used it. But yesterday I had a situation such a display would have been beneficial for an other device over HDMI.
First I connected input power incorrectly. i used the pi-top 4 supply instead of a 5V supply. I realized that the display does not turn on using the power button. Powering an other raspi over the USB-A port works.
So i am not sure if I could have blown something. When I hit the power button on the display there should be ‘some’ reaction, right?

Hi @wedge
You can use the pi-top [4] power supply to power the FHD Touch Display. You would have to plug in the power supply to the USB-C port on the Display Adapter that comes with the screen, then plug in the Raspberry Pi to the USB-A port for power, and the HDMI between both.

The problem with the Raspberry Pi 3b + (and all versions before) is that they only send the screen configuration settings to the screen that they’re connected to in the first 5 seconds of boot up. So any screen that’s connected when the Raspberry Pi has booted, won’t display an image. So it’s important to plug the screen into power last.

The best test is to connect your screen to a laptop or another non-Raspberry Pi device and press the power button to see if you can use it as an extended/duplicated display.

Do let us know what you find!

Thank you for the information. I will be able to do tests during this week and report if things work.