Presenting in google meet


I teach and use google classroom and google meet. It seems that google meet will not allow the chromium browser to present. I have done a little digging and see that this is a problem with chromium where most people switch to chrome for this purpose. Chrome does not run on 32 bit architecture so i am wondering if anyone has a workaround.

What I have tried:
Firefox – asks me to download a browsers that works (options include firefox)

I wonder if it is the 32bit architecture and I might be SOL. if that is the case any thoughts besides screenshots of how I could see what my students are coding. If google meet does not work I worry about telemetry.


Are you trying to do this through Chromium on a pi-top[4]?

You may consider installing the media version of Chromium to help with performance, but don’t know that the solution through Chromium will be a good solution for what you are trying to do.

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I am using Chromium on a pi-top[4]. I just set up the media version and still no dice. Thanks for the idea. though

@twomed I’ll have to do some testing on this and get back to you - are your students coding with a pi-top or other device?

I am sorry for th elate reply I must not have my notifications set properly. They are coding from the pi-top.

@twomed ok thanks. It would be great if you and @mark could schedule a call to discuss your needs for education, he’s leading our development and product management on Further and I’m sure it would be an interesting conversation :+1:

Your disclaimer at the bottom :joy::rofl:

I about died haha

But to answer the original question, if you are using google meets, I’m not sure you can get around this bug unless you perform the 64-bit packages and use Raspbian which would take you away from Sirius OS. Maybe @pi-topMIKE would have an answer for this too? All the same, I’ve seen some speculation as to why this is as well, and that is that Google wants you to use their software instead of competitors. Take it with a grain of salt though.

:smiley: – I thought as I was signing off “Tom” that a link for “Tom’s Hardware” would be as if I was claiming hardware of another “Tom”. ROFL – I’m glad it got the chuckle it was intended. :wink:


Newest update has fixed this issue. Thank you all

@twomed good to hear, thanks for letting us know!