Presenting in google meet


I teach and use google classroom and google meet. It seems that google meet will not allow the chromium browser to present. I have done a little digging and see that this is a problem with chromium where most people switch to chrome for this purpose. Chrome does not run on 32 bit architecture so i am wondering if anyone has a workaround.

What I have tried:
Firefox – asks me to download a browsers that works (options include firefox)

I wonder if it is the 32bit architecture and I might be SOL. if that is the case any thoughts besides screenshots of how I could see what my students are coding. If google meet does not work I worry about telemetry.


Are you trying to do this through Chromium on a pi-top[4]?

You may consider installing the media version of Chromium to help with performance, but don’t know that the solution through Chromium will be a good solution for what you are trying to do.

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I am using Chromium on a pi-top[4]. I just set up the media version and still no dice. Thanks for the idea. though

@twomed I’ll have to do some testing on this and get back to you - are your students coding with a pi-top or other device?