Raspberry Pi Pico + GPS + pi-top[4] debugging

so I got a Raspberry Pi Pico and as you may know i made a python script for GPS for pi-top[4]

Well, with a little modification to the script I got it running on the Pico. its a little messy but it runs

as you can see, its all done though the pi-top[4] but whats even more funny is this

The Pico is getting GPS data from UART1 while being debugged via UART0

if your interested, here is the code

please note that I will not help debugging this for you, i am still learning micropython and there is a lot I want to do with this so its a personal project

@duwudi micropython used .format for fstrings hehehe :stuck_out_tongue:

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@CAProjects very cool! I should be getting my hands on a Pico very soon…

haha funny we were just talking about .format and now you’re forced to use it :laughing: