RasPiKey: Plug And Play EMMC Module For Raspberry Pi

The fastest memory device for the raspberry pi that plugs into the the micro SD card slot

This will not fit into the SD card slot when using the pi-top[4] and quite a few cases due to the form factor of the key and is the fastest SD storage media you can get for the raspberry pi and comes in 2 sizes, 16Gb and 32Gb preloaded with Raspberry Pi OS but can be flashed with any OS

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This would have been great if it was angled perhaps and the connection point slightly longer to fit the pi-top case. I imagine that a custom pcb would do the trick. How much expensive is this compared to a good microsd card?

The 16Gb = £21
The 32Gb = £27

Sandisk extreme pro A2 128Gb = £21