[Resolved] Pi-top randomly shutting down

Edit: Just thought of something… I am using the RPi 4 8GB version. Would this affect the firmware update? I just noticed that the tutorial for updating firmware stated it was for the 4GB models and below. I hope this doesn’t screw up my pi :frowning:

I recently posted this on github, which was the wrong place to put this issue… I’m running into an intermittent issue where the pi-top issues a random soft shut down command to the raspberry pi. I have 2 sd cards, one for Raspbian and the other for Sirius OS (pi-top OS). I have had fewer issues with the Sirius OS doing this, but to date (had this for 2 days now), it has occured twice with Sirius.

With Raspbian, however, this seems to be a common thing. I can go a whole power cycle and not have an issue, but other times, I get a soft shutdown between 15 min to about 2 or 3 hours.

Not sure what is causing this. Updating the firmware via the following link has done nothing to resolve this issue:


Hi @Supernovali, doing the firmware update on 8GB should be fine - the only reason we say 4GB and below is because from our testing the 8GB version always seemed to have the correct firmware anyway (probably because it was released later).

We’ll need to look at the logs in order to try and resolve this, nothing springs to mind that is an obvious culprit. I can’t remember how to get hold of the correct log files right now so I’ll get someone to get back to you soon! :+1:

I believe this problem to have been resolved with the OLED update from yesterday. If I dont observe this issue in the next few days, I’ll edit post as resolved :slight_smile:

It seems that with the update that was done the day of this comment has resolved the unexpected shutdown issue. :slight_smile:

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