Retropie Pi-Top shuts off after ten seconds


I had a little trouble but I’ve got my Pi-Top up and running. The only issue is that when Retropie boots, it shuts itself down after ten seconds or so, just enough to start configuring the controller. The light goes from green to orange and the monitor blanks out until I reset.

I can hook the Pi-Top to any display to replicate this. Also, when I remove the Pi from it’s enclosure and connect it naked, everything works perfect. No shutdown.

I have the Pi plugged in. Thought it might not be getting enough juice. Still shuts down. Any ideas? Seems like hardware failure.


…and the charger is the official charger.

Did you buy a DIY Edition? Please check that the USB Plug is inserted into the Pi’s USB port before it’s assembled into the pi-top

Also, you need to make sure the RPi EEPROM has the correct settings, as per these instructions. You could also just boot up with the latest pi-topOS burned to your SD card and this should be taken care of automatically, at which point you can switch to Retropie :+1:

The USB plug is the kind of L-shaped thick PCB connector? That’s installed.
I also updated EEPROM, still shuts down after 10 seconds of use when installed in the enclosure.

I should note that this ONLY happens with Retropie, Batocera, and Lakka. Pitop OS runs rock stable.

Can you check this photo and send a similar one? I want to see if the internal spring connector where the USB Plug slots into has become dislodged or not.

Looks dodgy to me. Like it’s missing prongs or something? I can actually hear something rattling around a little bit loose in the pitop.

Yep that’s definitely not healthy, it looks like the pins have been bent upwards as the Raspberry Pi was installed. In any case, please contact and get a replacement :+1:

Oh thanks… was it something I did? It all went together really quick and easy.

It’s hard to say, it could have been a manufacturing defect that made it break as soon as you assembled it. When you receive the replacement take a look in that slot and make sure everything looks ok before assembling the pi :+1: