Robotics Kit Challenge Part 2

As reported Part 1 went very well, Part 2 I had my problems and Pi-Top had a few of their own that we worked on, but this morning I finished Part 2 with the speed test. A few things to keep in mind when doing any of these challenges - proper lighting for the camera. I had a few shadows that covered the tape and Alex stopped, pointed a flashlight (torch) light on the tape and Alex proceeded with the given task. Since my flashlight was multiple LED’s it has a blue tint to it. I was able to get Alex to follow the beam of light around the room. But, the key thing is proper lighting for it to work well. Plan on started Part 3 tomorrow morning. Thanks to Duwudi and the rest of the Pi-Top team that helped.

@Korbendallaz that’s great news, thanks for the update!

Currently, we’ve hard-coded the HSV colour values for the OpenCV filters - in future, we’ll make this configurable so that in different lighting conditions the user will be able to modify it to suit their environment. But a flashlight is a great solution in the meantime! :+1: