Scratch 3 Extensions for PI Top [4] PMA Connector

my Son just started with hisPI Top [4] and he already knows Scratch quite well. But the regular Raspi 4 Scratch Extensions do not work with the PMALEDs that come with PI Top [4]. Are there any Scratch3 Expensions available for PI Top [4] and its PMA Connector Base?

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Hi Hans!
I have actually spent a lot of time using Scratch 3 (and 2) with the pi-top [4]. Although there aren’t any official extensions for the PMA Connector/Foundation Kit/etc within Scratch, you can use the Raspberry Pi extensions.

On the bottom of the Foundation Plate, under each PMA port, you’ll see numbers. Those are the pin numbers for the GPIO pins used by each PMA port.

If I plug into D0, for example, I’m actually accessing pins 22 and 23.

If you use the Raspberry Pi extensions you can set digital pins to high or low to activate the buzzer or LEDs. You can also set digital pins as inputs to work with the button.

Currently, I haven’t devised a way to use the analog ports with Scratch, but if I do, I’ll let you know.

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Hi Eli,
Do you have any update regarding scratch 3 and pi-top[4] since your last post in april about this subject?
I’m like Hans trying to manage analog ports, as well as the i2c ports, using the scratch coding application. A real good scratch extension for Pi-Top[4] seems to be missing.
Do you know if Pi-Top organisation is working on that?

Thanks for your attention and waiting your feedback