Screen issues CEED

Hi! I’m trying to get Makecode Arcade (inside RetroPie) to work with the Pi-top CEED. It works fine with Pi-top 1, but on CEED it looks like this…

. Does anyone have an idea why?

Not got much experience with RetroPie or Arcade, is there any screen resolution configuration you’re able to change?

pi-top 1 and pi-topCEED have the same resolution screen (1366x768) - the only difference is that the pi-topCEED’s screen is 14" whereas the pi-top 1’s is 13.3", but that shouldn’t make a difference from a graphics perspective.

You should also verify that there is nothing wrong with the pi-topCEED screen too.

Finally, it might be worth asking your question on the MakeCode forum or in a discussion forum for Retropie specifically :+1: