Setting us Pi-TopSpeaker issues Pi-Top3


What’s the current definitive method to test/setup the v2 speaker?

When I run ‘i2t detect -y’, I get ‘i2c: command not found’.

After seemingly frying the Pi-Top3’s hub (see other thread) I’ve put the RPi and speaker into a mk1 CEED we have. Can the CEED run the speaker too?

O.S. was updated this morning btw

Seasons greets to all,


Hi all,

Got the speaker working.
Seems the ‘i2s’ commands/utility as per pi-top website info ( is out of date. Stumbled across mention of the ‘pt-i2s’ utility in another thread, enabled and rebooted and we’re good to go. Not sure why i2s is auto-disabled.

Frustrating when all the info said the speaker was plug&play w. Sirius/Pi-Top3. Cost me a currently broken Pi-Top with a dead hub and much bad family feeling on xmas day.

Anyway - here we are…

Hope info may be useful to anyone with same predicament.


This solution also worked for me. Many thanks.