[solved] pi-top [1] No Display

I’m totally new to this forum (and not really fluent in english, sorry ).
I bought a PiTop from OKGo’s. A really nice piece of hardware. Unfortunately there’s a problem with the screen.
Backlight works but the pi needs a few reboots until I see anything. Tested pitopos, raspbian buster and stretch.
Contacted OKGo => no response
Contacted pi-top => received an email with a few questions which I answered. But since then also no response.

Now I’m stuck. Don’t know what to do.

Is there any support?


Hi Sven, sorry we didn’t get back to you quicker. We try to reply to every email within 24 hours, alternatively we have the chatbot if you’d like to talk to someone instantly.

Unfortunately I’ll have to ask a few more questions again!
What pi-top do you have?
What Raspberry Pi are you using?
When the backlight comes on can you see any lights on the Raspberry Pi or the pi-top Hub?

Hi RezN
sorry for beeing so frankyl : respond time is more like a week and not 24h…sorry.
My pitop is the one with the mousepad on the right hand side.
Installed is a pi3b+ (now running raspbian buster)
The pi boots up totally normal. Connection via ssh is possible.
tvservice .-s
“state 0xa [HDMI CUSTOM RGB full 16:9], 1920x1080 @ 60.00Hz, progressive”
regardsless if the display’s working or not.

No need for you to apologise, Sorry you had to wait so long! Though I’m glad we can solve it here too

It sounds like to me that the pi-top Hub you have may be having issues. The screen driver chip on it may not be communicating with the hub correctly. The first thing to try would be replacing the hub entirely. Would you like to try that?

Hi RezN,
thank you for your reply. Changing the pihub should be an easy task. But I don’t have any spare parts.
I live in Germany and (believe it or not :wink: ). RaspberryPi parts are not that easy to get. Do you sell those?

Hey Sven, We can arrange for spare parts to be sent to you. The cost of the hub is now 40USD, plus there’s a small charge for shipping, depending on what country you’rein. If you have warranty for your device then we can ship and send youthe parts for free. Remember that you’ll need to show proof of purchase or a receipt to qualify for warranty (which is 2 years).

I can’t find your email address on the forum members list, can you create a ticket with the proof of purchase (if you have it), and include your shipping address, and telephone number and I can arrange that for you ASAP.

Hey RezN
done :slight_smile

Hey Rez,
Received the pihub today. Replacing the old one was easy and now everything’s working fine.
Thank you so much for your support

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