Solved: Pi-top 3 won’t turn on

The cooling bridge wasn’t pushed into the connector on the right side far enough.

Hi. I just received my Pi-Top 3. I followed the directions to set it up. However, when I press rhe power button the laptop will not turn on. I removed the raspberry pi and attached it to an HDMI display and it worked fine. One thing that I note is that I don’t see the LEDs lighting up on the Pi but I do see them on the PiTop. What is meant to power the Pi? I am seeing an HDMI connector and USB (on the back) and 3.5mm audio. But I don’t see how the Pi is supposed to be getting power.

The raspberry pi is definitely not getting any power from the pi-top. How is it supposed to work with nothing connected to the microUSB connector?

I see a green LED that comes on the back of the pi-top 3. I do not see the screen come on. I do not see the backlight come on. No image at all.

image image image image image