Sticky HDMI resolution?

I can set the HDMI display to 1080p instead of 2160p in Display Settings to make it more usable on a large 4K TV screen, but it resets on reboot. Saving the HDMI resolution in the Display Settings doesn’t work - either it doesn’t really save, or it’s overridden automatically during boot.
If I select Display Settings - Resolution in Raspberry Pi Configuration, the menu simply blinks and returns to Display Settings.
Where can I make this setting sticky?

Hi @AmesDP
Are you using our pi-topOS or are you using a different OS?

Using Pi-Top OS, latest June 2021 release.

I can change the display resolution and Apply it successfully, and I can Save it. But it resets back to the maximum it can negotiate with the monitor on reboot.

Hi @AmesDP - this is something that I have been intending to document for some time, but have struggled to find the appropriate time to do so. I am hoping that this will be possible with the release of the next OS image (coming by the end of the year, we hope).

Long story short, this is caused by /etc/xdg/autostart/autorandr.desktop - simply remove this file if you do not want this behaviour.

Thanks, I’ll try that. Must make a note to restore it though if I’m trying a new monitor.