Suggestion: Create a new category for errors found in Programming Examples

We are all human, we make mistakes and the mistakes enables us to hone our troubleshooting skills. Suggest a new Category for errors that we find, not so much as to just identify an error, but to be suggest solutions to the error that we find.

This new category could serve all the pi-top users as another place to look for answers to questions without submitting a new topic that may have been already created here. Saving the pi-top team time from answering the same questions more than once. Allowing the team to build (create) more!

I like the programming examples provided in the Python SDK. I copy every example and paste them into my Pi-Top[4] and try them out to see them work. They are saved and eventually copied to my Samba server. The examples help me understand python programming.


@Korbendallaz I think this is a great idea! In fact, @pi-topMIKE just last week had suggested we have a part on our knowledgebase for know issues which is somewhat related to this. @RezIN let’s discuss this and the knowledgebase for know issues and figure out the best approach.

If you find any specific problems with the SDK the best place to search for it is here:

Even better, if you find a simple fix to a problem (like you did with the Pong game), you can edit the code on github directly and create a Pull Request. Steps are as follows:

First, click the edit button on the code you want to change:


Make the code changes, then if you scroll to the bottom you can add the details like so:


Then when you click “Propose change” you get to a new page where you just click “Create Pull Request” - our team will then see this, review the code and merge into the master branch if it passes :+1:


Thank you for providing this information. I wasn’t sure if I could do this without your Team being upset by this… ya never know… don’t want to step on any ones toes with my overly large feet (size 15 shoes :foot::foot:). Like to help when I can to improve the product for the kids.


@Korbendallaz we’d love more than anything for people to be contributing directly to the Github repo, even people with size 15 feet :laughing:

It’s no risk since we have to check everything that is merged into the master branch anyway :+1:


It’s what GitHub is all about. One thing I have found is that the pi-top team is happy for getting ideas and input from the community and they love seeing the ideas/suggestions/etc from the community too


I wasn’t sure, now I know and understand the process and it makes good common sense.

Thank you