The Modular Rail

Here is the pinout for the Modular Rail from pi-top1, pi-topCEED and pi-top[3]. This is the thing that powers all of our add-ons, so here is the pinout with the descriptions. Enjoy!

The connector is a 34 pin (17x2) 2.00mm SMT, right-angle Connector, which uses square pins. It’s the same across the pi-top1, pi-topCEED and pi-top [3].

Power Pin
Name Function Voltage (Volts) Max Current (Amps) Descriptions
V_IN Power Out 18 0.5 Input to system voltage. Can be used to power 5V and 3V3
5V Power In 5 0.5 Fed by V_IN. Feeds into 3V3. Also supplies Raspberry Pi 5V. Available when system is off but will turn off when battery is below 2%
3V3_PRST Power Out 3.3 0.1 Fed from V_IN
3V3 Power Out 3.3 0.5 Fed from 5V. Feeds into 1V2
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