The pi-top [4] PMA Connector

Here’s the pinout for the PMA Connector and the Pogo Pins. You may hear us sometimes call it the Modular Connector. This is Modular Connector is doing a lot of work and has a whole host of connections running through it. Just follow the key and you should be okay. The Plug is mounted inside the pi-top [4] but all our plates use the receptacle.

It’s a 100 pin connector (50x2) with a 0.80 mm pitch. The manufacturer is Amphenol and the recpt part number is 10144517-10XXXXXX while the plug part number is 10144518-10XXXXXX.

We recommend downloading the image so you can see all the definitions!

Power Pins
Name Function Voltage (Volts) Max Current (Amps) Descriptions
VSYS_OUT Power Out 6.4 - 8, 12, 15 3 Outputs System Voltage. If using Battery power then 6.4 - 8.4Volts. If using USB-C Power 12 or 15 Volts. Max output is 3A. Fuse protected
MPWR_IN Power In 9 - 14 3 Input to System Voltage. Lower priority to USB-C PSU. Higher priority to battery power. Can be used to charge battery pack. Fuse Protected
5V_USB Power Out 5 0.6 Direct from Raspberry Pi USB Port
5V_PRST Power Out 5 0.75 Available when device is powered off. Turns off when battery power dips below 5%. Fuse protected
5V Power Out 5 3.5 Shares same source as 5V from 40pin connector and pogo pins but separate to 5V supplied to Raspberry Pi. Fuse protected
3V3_PRST Power Out 3.3 0.15 Available when device is powered off. Turns off when battery power dips below 5%. Fuse Protected
3V3 Power Out 3.3 1.5 Shares same source as 3V3 from 40pin connector. Fuse protected
Data Pins
Name Function Description
GPIO_XX I/O GPIOs tied directly to Raspberry Pi. ESD Protected. Direct connection between the 40pin connector and the PMA Connector
MCU_RESET Input External Reset to pi-topHub MCU. (Connect to GND to reset)
MCU_SWDIO I/O MCU Serial Wire Data Input/Output
MCU_SWCLK I/O MCU Serial Data Clock
PWR_SW Input Tied to device power switch. High to turn on. Logic High @ 2.2V
USB_DX Data USB data pair from USB-Hub Controller on pi-top Hub
DSI_XX Data Display Serial Interface from Raspberry Pi
CSI_XX Data Camera Serial Interface from Raspberry Pi
MIPI_SXX I2C MIPI I2C from Camera/Display Serial Interface from Raspberry Pi

All pins marked N/C are not electrically connected.